Our goal at Christians Engaged is to build Christian servant leaders who feel called to engage in the world of government. These three class videos will give you the nuts and bolts of the Texas Legislature but we are also building a community where you can learn how to find your place in political involvement in your city, state, and nation. Just know that as a student of our classes, we are here to guide you. 

Course Instructor

Trayce Bradford

Longtime Activist in Austin, Texas

Former Vice President, Christians Engaged

Former President, Texas Eagle Forum

Former President, Dallas Eagle Forum

Former Prayer Coordinator, Promise Keepers

Taught by Trayce Bradford (30 mins)

Taught by Trayce Bradford (30 mins)

Taught by Trayce Bradford (30 mins)



  • Quick Overview of Texas History
  • How the Legislature is Organized
  • Key Roles & People Involved
  • Requirements to Hold Key Offices
  • The Importance of Legislative Staff
  • How a Bill Becomes a Law in Texas
  • How To Find and Follow a Bill
  • How the Committees Work
  • What is the Sunset Committee
  • Testifying in Committee
  • The Vote in Committee
  • Committee Reports
  • On the Floor of each Chamber
  • What is Suspending the Rules & Chubbing
  • What happens when it Goes to the Other Chamber
  • On to the Governor's Desk
  • Why Should Christians Get Involved
  • Why Prayer Matters for our Legislators


  • How Can Christians Really Make an Impact on the Legislative Process
  • Testifying on a Bill
  • How to Research the Issue and the Bills
  • Prep Your Testimony
  • Pointers for Testifying
  • How Do You Get to Know Your Elected Officials and Impact Them
  • How To Reach out ot Your Legislators
  • Why are Staff the Gatekeepers
  • What is Lobbying
  • Should Christians Lobby
  • How to be Effective when Lobbying
  • How to find Valid Information
  • Steps to Picking a Bill to Testify For or Against
  • What is the Purpose of a Special Session
  • Why is the Calendar and Dates so Important
  • Overview of the Session Timeline
  • Why does the State Level Matter
  • Overview of the Executive Branch
  • Job of the Attorney General
  • Job of the State Comptroller
  • Job of the Land Commissioner
  • Job of the Railroad Commissioners
  • Job of the Agriculture Commissioner
  • Job of the Secretary of State
  • Overview of the State Board of Education
  • Other Important State Jobs in Government


  • The Texas Constitution
  • The Redistricting Process
  • Constitution Defined
  • History of the Texas Constitution
  • What is a Constitutional Amendment
  • What is the Amendment Process in Texas
  • How the State Legislature Affects All of our Lives
  • How the State Impacts Transportation
  • How the State Impacts Water Supplies
  • Understanding Property Taxes
  • Understanding Sales Taxes
  • Understanding Death Taxes
  • Understanding Franchise Taxes
  • Austin's Impact on the Pro-Life Issue
  • Austin's Impact on Social Issues
  • Austin's Impact on National Security
  • Austin's Impact on Human Trafficking
  • Austin's Impact on Fiscal Issues
  • The Texas Budget Process
  • What is Appropriations and How Does it Work
  • How to Restart if a Sessions Goes off Course
  • How to Hold your Elected Officials Accountable 
  • Navigating Politics as Believers

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